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CS R4+ 6.3 Release details

CS R4+ 6.3 Release details


This release primarily caters for NHS Regulatory changes affecting England, Wales and Isle of Man. 

Who can upgrade? 

All NHS Sites located in England, Wales and Isle of Man and any Scottish sites waiting on specific eDental fixes supplied in this release. 

Who cannot upgrade? 

There are no restrictions on this release. 

What documents should accompany the release? 

The User Guide – see ‘What's New in CS R4+ v6.3.0.pdf’. 

The Covering Letter – see ‘CS R4+ v6.3.0 Covering Letter.pdf’. (inc upgrade faq) 

The Upgrade instruction document – see ‘CS R4+ Update Instructions.pdf’. 

The R4+ Operational Requirements – see ‘CS R4+ Operational Requirements (April 2018).pdf’. 

...Copies of these documents are attached below.


Recommendations for this release: 

This release is initially to be sent to all NHS sites in England, Wales and Isle of Man and after a period of time will then become the current maintenance release.  

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