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CS R4 - Fee Scale update for England (April 2018)

CS R4 - Fee Scale update for England (April 2018)


Dear Valued Customer,

With the end of the NHS contract year approaching, it is important to ensure that your NHS contract in CS R4/R4+ is extended and you install the latest fee updates to enable you to continue treating NHS patients.


We have attached information regarding the English 2018 NHS fee update along with the files to update your CS R4 system.



Please follow these simple steps to extend your NHS contract in CS R4/R4+ before 1st April 2018.


  • From the Main Menu of CS R4/R4+
  • Click Edit > NHS Contracts
  • Select All Active Contracts and Click Search
  • Click Extend Contract
  • Ensure that the end date is 31/3/2019
  • Click OK
  • Repeat for any other NHS contracts on your system



Thank you for using Carestream Dental CS R4/R4+ Practice Management Software.


NHSBSA tells me Reg 11 charge is £76.90 NOT £76.95 as per your attachment.

Hi Denise, thanks for getting in touch.

We're just clarifying with the NHS and will update this thread as soon as possible.

Kind regards


Do we know when we will get the download

Hi Nicholas,

We're hoping to have it available to download in the next day or two.



Good afternoon all,

We have confirmed a discrepancy with the NHS around the original fee update. This has now been rectified and attached to this post again.

It is important for any customers who downloaded the original file, to now run this new version to make sure they are fully up to date.

Kind regards


We are a fully private practice so is there anything in the new update we need

Hello Lynne,

The fee update attached to this message is purely for updating NHS fee's, so there is no need for a private only practice to run it.

Kind Regards


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