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CS R4+ How to use the Mail Merge Feature

CS R4+ How to use the Mail Merge Feature

This job aid shows you how to use the mail merge function from the Patient Selector screen to send a letter, SMS or email to a list of specific patients.


I need help with  entering fields on a mail merge letter.

Have entered fields needed, but when mail merge processed, it's printing out the name of the field, and not the details I need.


Adding merge fields to a letter can be done from the Add-ins menu in Word.

  1. In Document Manager open (or create) the required document
  2. Place the cursor where you want to place the merge field and click Add-ins on the top menu
  3. Click on Insert CS R4 Clinical+ Field to display a list of available merge fields
  4. Find the one that you want to use and select it
  5. The merge field is added to your document (i.e. <<Patient - Title>>)

You can add as many of these merge fields to the document as required.  Once you have finished creating/editing your document, save it.

This post has a handout that can be downloaded that shows you how to create and edit letter templates




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