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Have an Idea to Make CS R4+ Even Better?

Have an Idea to Make CS R4+ Even Better?

Have an Idea to Make CS R4+ Even Better?


We have launched a new area in the R4+ space to capture your ideas on how to make R4+ even better.  View other's ideas or vote up or down ideas submitted by Carestream Dental or other professionals?  You can even post your own idea from this page by simply navigating to the IDEAS tab within R4+. 


Have an idea right now?  Click the following LINK and enter your idea directly now!


Our product teams remain committed to watching and evaluating responses and ideas as they surface.  


This link doesn't work? And the "have an idea" box doesn't allow you to click on it... How do I submit an idea?

Try this link instead: Product Ideas


The exchange was updated a couple of months ago, so the old URL no longer works.

We think that using the traffic light system it should prompt the reception team to sign all the relevant forms required using the e signature, such as treatment plans, medical histories.We were sold R4 clinical upgrade saying there are less clicks we find that we are in and out communication, schemes and medical history. There should be a better flow and easier to use

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