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R4 Tutor

R4 Tutor

Did you know that R4 comes with a Tutor version?

If R4 is installed on your computer then you also have a copy of Tutor installed - look for it in the list of programs that are installed on your computer.

Tutor is a full version of R4 and can be used as a training tool for new staff or for you to test the effect of making changes to your system.

A list of the Usernames that can be used to access Tutor is attached.


This is very helpful.

What is NOT helpful is that in the help file supplied with R4, the login given in Invalid.

to replicate open R4 (6.1) and choose Help -> Windows and R4 Basics -> R4 basics -> Tutor Database.

In that text, an administrator account with used ID "PW" is mentioned, with a blank password.

Perhaps this is outdated help text?


Dear Neil,

Welcome to the exchange and thank you for your comment, I have just tested this on my version of Tutor and I can login with the Username: PW (and a blank password). It may be this user has been deleted on your Tutor Database.

Am I right to assume you can login to it now? If not there is a list of logins on Stephen's initial post, if you are still having problems let me know and I can get a support representative to contact you.

Kind Regards


Hi Jonathan,

Yes I can log in now, using the logins from that PDF.


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