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Submitting Triage Reporting Data using CS R4+

Submitting Triage Reporting Data using CS R4+

From 1st December 2020, the latest version of CS R4+ (v8.1.3) includes the ability to submit Triage reporting data directly through the EDI process, replacing the need to submit the data though Compass.

The attached handout covers sending Triage Only (Band 6) data as well as sending Triage data as part of a normal course of treatment.

This feature is only available to NHS sites in England.

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Hi , 

could you please let me know during triage submission in Fp17DC , what are the numbers 0, 1 denote ? 

if a patient is covid symptoms free what number should we put ? 





If you are referring to the numbers that are entered on the Triage tab of the FP17 form, these numbers relate to the number of triage assessments that have been carried out on the patient during the course of treatment.  For example, if 3 assessments have been carried out on the patient and they were symptom free, then you would enter 3 into that box.  If 3 assessments had been carried out and the patient was symptom free for 2 of those assessments but a possible/confirmed COVID patient for 1 of the assessments, then you would complete both boxes and enter 1 into one of the boxes and 2 into the other.



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