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Address Finder Expiry Notification

We are aware that some Customers are receiving the below message from R4+


This error indicates that you are on version 8.1.3 or earlier and need to be on the latest version. 

You should have received correspondence via email and/or letter to give you details of your online portal ( to download the new version (Our current version release is 8.1.5). You will need your 'SAP Reference' which appears on correspondence from Carestream and your post code. 

If this is not the case or you need assistance please call 0330 094 8194.


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Canine III

Re: Address Finder Expiry Notification

I downloaded the 8.1.5 upgrade today.

I backed up the database and endeavored to install the upgrade.

However, I got the following error message :

This machine is not the designated CSR4+ server, please run this update on the Server machine to continue.

However, I am definitely on the CSR4 server !

This happened previously in December 2020 when I upgraded to 8.1.3 and the helpline had to tweek a setting to enable me to effect the upgrade.

Next week is half term and exceptionally busy and given that all users have to log off  to effect this upgrade, I am at a loss to know when I might be able to so as all our appointment books are chock a bock.

Clearly, these upgrades need to be done outside surgery hours.

Can you let me know what I need to do to overcome this recurring error message ?

Is there a permanent fix or will a fix be needed at every upgrade ?

My designated CSR4+ server is a virtual Server running under Windows Hyper V and I wonder if that is the problem even though Carestream assured me that many sites ran CSR4+ on virtual Servers.

These upgrades really need to be run outside surgery hours.

Many Thanks,







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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Address Finder Expiry Notification

Morning Ed,

Many thanks for your post.

The error message you received is due to running the upgrade via an RDP connection, when you access the server PC via RDP it messes up the registry and doesn't believe it is the server PC.

Do you have an alternate way of accessing your server PC?