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Canine II

Archive patients

I am trying to locate the list of archived patients with bad debt. 

Also I don't seem to be able to run a report for departed dentist 's patient outstanding balance.

one problem I encountered is these patients have already been allocated to a different dentist.


many thanks




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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good Morning.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get any of this information in the way you asked. 

R4 requires that a patient's outstanding balance is cleared before they can be archived. However one of the ways to archive a patient is to mark them as a Bad Debtor as this clears there debt, to find these patients you will need to run a query:

1. From the Main Menu, Select Patients.
2. Click Search for a Patient
3. Click Query Wizard
4. Click new Query
5. Click Start
6. Click Next
7. Click Specify Attributes
8.  On the Line that reads "Current is Equal to Yes" Change Yes to No
Note: This Query will now only show archived patients, please be warned this will included deceased patients
9. Click OK
10. On the select Criteria page, scroll down the list of check boxes to find "that have the marker [Marker" and put a tick next to it.
11. Click Specify Criteria
12. In the value box. select "Bad Debtor"
13. Click OK
14. Click Finish
15. Click Save as New
16. Give your query a name and click ok. 
17. Click Select.

Your list of archived patients, that have the Bad Debtor symbol will now be displayed.


As for finding departed dentist's patient outstanding balance.
When a dentist is deleted from the system, R4 forces the patients to be moved to a different dentist on the system, so it is not possible to find this information, however, you can find all patients with an outstanding balance on the system by doing the following:

1. From the Main Menu, Select Patients.
2. Click Search for a Patient
3. On the right side, tick the following boxed for Account pending: "Current, 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months+"
4. Click Find Patients.

This will display all patients who have an outstanding balance, this list can be printed by going to File and then Print Patient List. This will load Excel where the totals will be displayed. 

Hope that helps

Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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