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Canine II

Authorization issue


we all know that there is four conditions in each appointment , ( waiting , in surgery , left surgery and complete ).

when the doctor inside the clinic press left surgery there is a small window pops up that helps the doctor if he wants to see that patient again , and when the receptionist presses complete there is another window pops up that shows all the doctors details about the next visit of that particular patient .

my problem is when the doctor finishes his part of entering the details about the next visit , the receptionist presses complete and press ( past into diary ) option , but when he chooses the day; the system shows an error that says ( this user is not authorized to past into diary ) , and it keeps showing it although i am signed in with the admin user .

please help me to define the error and solve it .

thanks . 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Authorization issue

Hi Ahmed, thanks for your question. The first thing to ascertain here is whether this is happening for one particular user or for all users? Have you found this issue happens on one particular PC or has it occurred on several? For the R4 account(s) that are affected it would be worth doing the following in order to double-check their account restrictions:

1. From the main menu, go to Users.
2. Select the user(s) having the problem.
3. To the right of the Forename/Surname fields, check if there is a tick box in the System Administrator box. If there is not, please see steps 4 & 5. If there is a tick in the System Administrator box, see step 6.
4. Click on Edit User and then go to the User Restrictions tab.
5. Scroll to the Appointment section and ensure that the user has Edit permissions for the 'Book and modify Appointment Details' option.
6. If all accounts have the relevant permissions or are admin accounts then we would be best off arranging to connect to a workstation with you to troubleshoot the issue further.