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Automation of some of the duties

Hi team, hope you guys are well. We have a query regarding the automation of some of the duties our manager does on a regular basis and hope you guys can make the process simpler and less time consuming.

We run a large surgery with 5 different NHS contracts.

As the dentists finish a course of treatment, they mark it as ready to send. Before transmitting the claim the manager has to check:

  1. Has the patient paid in full for that course of treatment?
  2. Is the claim overlapping?
  3. Has the claim been sent under the correct contract?

As you can imagine this is a time consuming process and I’m wondering if we can automate some of or all of this process.


Thanks for your consideration


Dr Sarfraz Ghauri


Ghauri Dental Centres

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Re: Automation of some of the duties

Hi Dr Ghauri,

Thank you for your post.  Unfortunately there is no way to automate this process within R4 as there is no correlation between the three items that your staff are checking before sending the claim forms, so it is not possible to create a query or report that shows the balance outstanding for patient's with a Not Ready Claim.

In addition, if a dentist is a member of multiple NHS contracts, R4 does not know which contract should be used for specific claims so it will never know if the correct contract has been used.

Sorry that we could not help any further in this case.