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CS R4+ Denplan DEPPA Integration

Carestream Dental strives to make your everyday life easier with each solution that it brings to the market.

Its latest offering is specifically for Denplan practices, who now benefit from a new integration between the CS R4+ practice management software and the Denplan / PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) tool.

Without requiring a separate log in, you can view previous assessments or start new DEPPA examinations all from the clinical screens in R4+. For the latter, either the appropriate records will be automatically updated or new patient files will be created.

Patients can complete DEPPA questions on an easy-to-use Wacom tablet and receive a print out or an email copy of their examination (which is automatically recorded in the patient’s communication tab).

This new integration is in addition to the previous benefits available to Denplan practices, such as automatic updates on Denplan patients, real-time review of fees paid and information on patients who have moved away but not updated their address at the practice or with Denplan.

To find out more about to fully utilise your CSR4+ software for Denplan patients, contact the friendly team at Carestream Dental today!


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