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CS R4 - Fee Scale Update for England & Wales 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

With the end of the NHS contract year approaching, it is important to ensure that your NHS contract in CS R4/R4+ is extended and you install the latest fee updates to enable you to continue treating NHS patients.


We have attached information regarding the English 2019 NHS fee update along with the files to update your CS R4 system.

  • Make sure that a backup of your CS R4 data has been carried out
  • Right click on the zip file and select Extract All (or use 7-Zip or Winzip to extract the contents)
  • Copy the folder April 2019 England & Wales Fee Update onto your server.
  • Open the folder April 2019 England & Wales Fee Update
  • Double click on PackageAutoRun.exe
  • Click Start


Please follow these simple steps to extend your NHS contract in CS R4/R4+ before 1st April 2019.

  • From the Main Menu of CS R4/R4+
  • Click Edit > NHS Contracts
  • Select All Active Contracts and Click Search
  • Click Extend Contract
  • Ensure that the end date is 31/3/2020
  • Click OK
  • Repeat for any other NHS contracts on your system



Thank you for using Carestream Dental CS R4/R4+ Practice Management Software.

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Canine III

Re: CS R4 - Fee Scale Update for England & Wales 2019

So glad to find the update online when my update CD arrived with the silver layer peeling off !!

Is it possible to opt out of update discs for those who are a happy to download the updates . With a view of making this the default path in the future.  The environment does not need all these discs being produced