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CS R4+ V7.0 Appointment Diary


The attached Handout is a guide to the Appointment Diary functionality in CS R4+ V7.0.

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Premolar I

OK! So now I'm excited !!

When will it be coming out and will us Welsh have to wait longer than everyone else?

Sorry, it probably isn't the case, but it just seems like that.

Great thanks for the interest i would be more than happy to this this version sent to you, 

Please could you direct message me your account number or postcode and i will arrange this 

Many Thanks


Hi everyone,

Thank you for getting everything set up for me so quickly - unfortunately, I can't help thinking that the older version is better.

Perhaps it is just a fact of being so used to using the old appointment book, but things are not as obvious as I would ideally like.

The banner with the patient's details - previously a solid colour which makes it obvious, now just a thin outline which is not always that noticable, especially when the colour for a certain scheme is white?!

Could also do with the open course of treatment icon to be more prominent too - helpful when checking in NHS patients who may need to sign forms.

Just a few thoughts





Good Morning Kay,

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you, thank you for your feedback, its a shame to hear you are not getting along with it.

We do value your thoughts and I will pass on your comments to the teams involved and these will be taken on board

Kind Regards 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi Kay,

Can you supply me with your account number please?






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Hello Kay,

I am glad to hear that you are as excited as we are about this new release of CS R4+! I have asked support to ship you the v7 release asap.

Hope you enjoy it.

Kind Regards