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CS R4 financial

Hello there!

I have a query I need some help with.

One of our patients paid in advance for their treatment last year before the first lockdown.

In the meantime, the patient’s dentist has left the practice and another dentist is going to continue their treatment now.

My questions:                     

* How can I transfer the money to the new dentist?

* How can I refund the patient (if the patient decides to not go ahead with the treatment)?

Many thanks in advance

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: CS R4 financial

Good Morning

a.   Provided you have Payment Allocation running and the patient's payment is still showing as an advance in the 'Clinic Pot' then the payment will be automatically allocated to the treatment provider that competes the procedure  However, after all this time I would recommend that the new treatment provider opens a new course and adds the treatment items under their login.

b.   To refund the money go to the patient's 'Financial Tab'. Provided the patient's account is still in Credit (in green) and there is sufficient credit to cover the full amount to be refunded then open the 'Till'.

     1. Select the option 'Refund'

     2. Type the amount to be refunded in the appropriate box (Cash, Cheque or Card).

     3. Click 'Refund'.   This will clear the patient's credit balance.

c.   If the patient does not have a credit balance you will have to give them a 'Credit Note'.

     1. Select the option 'Credit Note'

     2. Type the amount to cover the refund in the 'Amount' box 

     3. Click 'Credit'.   This will put the patient's balance in credit. 

Now follow steps 1 - 3 above.


If you have any questions then please do get back to us.

I hope this resolves your situation.

Kind regards