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Canine III

CS7600 Saying the Scanner is full when its not

We have got CS7600 scanners. They periodically tell us that they are full and cannot do any more scans when they aren't. Help!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good Afternoon

The scanner being full should refer to images being stored locally on the unit itself, once it reaches 25 images it will stop working until these images are cleared down.
On the top right side of the screen of the unit, you should see a Zero. Anything other than Zero will refer to images stored locally on the unit.


If your unit is displaying a number higher than Zero to move these images off the unit and onto a patient record please follow the following steps:


1. Open the imaging software on a patient's record. At the top, there is an Icon that will go green to show it has connected to the scanner, click the icon to the left of this. 


2. A new window will open up, (you will see a demo video of someone loading a plate) on the top right side click the drop-down box.

3. In this drop-down box you will see all the images stored on the scanner. as you hover over them you will get some information about when it was scanned

Please note: If the plate was not tagged using the scan and go then the image will only show the date and time that it was scanned. If it was tagged with the scan and go then it will show the patient’s name as well as the date and time that it was scanned.

4. Once you have worked out which patient they belong to, go into the correct patients account then from this drop-down box, click and drag the images from the drop-down box, to the numbers on the left hand side of the screen (doesn't matter what number any, if their are more then 1)

5. click the cross on the top right of the screen. you will then be back to your normal imaging software, where you can save the image as normal.

repeat this process until there are no more images stored on the scanner.

If this has not resolved your issue please contact the helpdesk who will be happy to look into this for you.


Hope that helps

Kind Regards
Liam Rushton

Yep we have this constantly and there is not one image on the scanner please can you advise what to do after this?

Hi @Sarahwallace,

Many thanks for your post.

It sounds like your log files are taking up the space on the device, please can you call the technical helpdesk on 0330 094 8194 option 2 and we will be able to assist.



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