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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Carestream Dental Achieves Accreditation for eDental in Scotland

Carestream Dental Achieves Accreditation for eDental in Scotland


Carestream Dental is delighted to announce that it has successfully achieved accreditation for its eDental release with NHS Scotland.


This latest software is designed to simplify and speed up the process for handling NHS claims in Scotland.


The intuitive technology instantly sends claims from the clinical chart, demonstrating acceptance and rejection in real-time. It also helps to ensure all NHS patient details are correct and updated, while allowing you to send batches of claims at once.


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the development teams behind the technology, the eDental solution from Carestream Dental passed its accreditation for release with NHS Scotland with flying colours and will soon be entering the beta testing phase.

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Canine III

We are a beta test site and I have transmitted one claim to test. Unable to speak to anyone at PSD to check. Number keeps ringing out. Also after receiving this I got an error message in the responses section of EDI and read this. The message does not remain in the responses section after it is read or is it hiding somewhere else. Also what is the 'request reconciliation file'?

Many thanks Annibale

Not applicable

Hello Annibale,

I will get a member of our Beta support team to call you to check the claim and response message, they can also run through the reconciliation file request, which essentially replaces the old electronic schedule system.

It would also be really appreciated if you could report any future Beta issues in the below group, as that means we have them all in the same place.


Kind Regards