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Canine II

Creating bulk text messages

We are currently trying to bring NHS exam appointments forward to comply with the new target. We want to set up and send bulk text messages to patients booked on a specific date to offer them an earlier appointment. Could this be narrowed down to be sent to only NHS patients booked on the specific date also? Please advise.

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Re: Creating bulk text messages

Hi  @dental6,

Many thanks for you post, to complete this you would need to complete the 3 following.

- Create an SMS template

- Create query

- Send the Mail Merge

Create an SMS template:

1) From the main menu of R4 go into Doc Mgr

2) Highlight the SMS Template heading

3) Select New Template

4) Include information you wish to send, please note the character limit is 155 for SMS

Create the Query:

1) Load the patient selector section

2) Query Wizard

3) New Query

4) Start > Next

5) Leave the top box ticked

6) Tick the 4th option down (That have had an appointment) and press Next

7) Tick the 2nd option (after) and Specify Criteria

😎 Select the value column and press the 3 dots

9) Change the time to 2) relative to the current time, move the dot to in the future

10) Leave all 0s and this will show future appointments, Press OK

11) Tick the 5th option (for) and Specify Criteria

12) Select Value and a drop down will appear, find the exam appointment type, Press OK

13) Select finished and name the query for next time

Send the Mail Merge:

I have attached a guide on how to send a mail merge via R4.

This will then send the SMS to patients that have a mobile setup and update the comms of the patient to show they have been sent this message.