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Canine III

Denplan Data Exchange

Our Denplan Data Exchange has not synchronized with Denplan for two years.

Scheduler runs, but generates an error and R4 does not update.

"unable to receive file from Denplan reason Server was unable to process request ---> 1007"

Numerous people from Carestream have tried but have been unable to fix this.

Denplan say that everything appears to be working at their end.

Someone called from Carestream and left a message for me "that it was part of a wider problem"

In the meantime,  many Denplan categories are incorrect and this is causing much confusion for my associates in the surgery every day..

We have been unable to change the Denplan Categories manually.

Support suggested switching a patient to Private, wait 24 hrs then switch them back to Denplan and we should be able to change the category. This does not work !

I have tried switching off Denplan Data Exchange but the Category field remains locked, except in a few brand new patients where we are still able to enter the category.

The Denplan Data Exchange was very useful but we could live without it however having out of date data in a Patient's record (Denplan Category) is a pain and interfering with the day to day running of the surgery.

Can anyone tell me what has happened ? What is this wider issue ? When will it be fixed ?

Many Thanks.

Edward Byrne,



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