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Emailing comminications to patients

I contacted carestream  to set up the default email address so we can send commuinication out via email. I was told that if I had outlook set up then this should work.

I made sure that this was set up and had my IT team set it up with my NHS email.

On testing the emails the communications were blank, but I thought at least the IT side of it was set up and it had worked. 

On contacting Carestream again I asked if they could check this out for me I thought it would be something pretty straight forward?? 

I was told that there was a defect and Glitch in the system. I asked when they thought this would be looked at I got told it was on the list??. 

I am just struggling with this "on the list" I would think established software company would be on the ball with Glitches within the system. 

I would be grateful if someone could look into this and make this a priority. Communication with patients  is key at the minute with Covid pandemic we are spending a fortune on stamps and a simple Email set up would help.


Hope someone from the team can help with this?

Helen- Glencairn Dental Practice- CH63 7PJ

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Re: Emailing comminications to patients

Hi Helen, 

Thank you for your post. 

I'm going to get a member of the team to call you in response to this and see if we can assist. 

Kind Regards



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