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Canine III

Emergency bridge recemented NHS

I recemented a bridge for a patient NHS emergency. Code 1861.

Historically, I thought a bridge recement was free of charge to the patient (as with a denture repair)

If I specify 'urgent' course of treatment, R4 manages it as 1.2 UDA  but with a patient charge of £23.80.

If I specify 'normal' course of treatment R4 manages it as zero UDA and no charge to patient.

Can someone clarify what is correct here.

Many Thanks.


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All recement codes (1781 Inlay recement, 1782 crown recement & 1861 Bridge recement) come under the Urgent NHS Treatment Category (Band 4), therefore when added to an Urgent Course of Treatment, they trigger the 1.2 UDAs and a patient charge of £23.80 (unless the patient is exempt).

If these codes are added to a normal course of treatment, they will not trigger any UDAs or patient charges as they are not Band 1, Band 2 or Band 3 treatment items.

Regarding Denture Repairs (2811 Denture repair upper & 2812 Denture repair lower) come under the Repair Denture NHS treatment category, therefore when added to a course of treatment will trigger the 1 UDA and no patient charge.

If Bridge Repair (1871 Bridge Repair) is added to a course of treatment, this comes under the Bridge Repair NHS treatment category and will trigger 1.2 UDAs and no patient charge.

I hope that his clarifies this for you.  If not then I would advise that you speak to your local NHS commissioner who should be able to provide you with further information.



Thank you Stephen.

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