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Canine III


How can I generate a list of NHS gross within a set time period for individual dentists. Also the same for Private income. In addition some private fees are paid by patients for Hygienist work and would like to bring up a list of the income generated by the hygienist for specific dentists who have referred then. I am working in Scotland. Thanks

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Financial

Dear Annibale,

Thank you for your question, there are a number of financial reports in CS R4+, these can be accessed from the Main Menu by clicking on the 'Financial' button. If you click on each one it will display a description of what is reported on in the right hand window of the Report Manager screen. I have copied a few of the descriptions below for ones that you may find useful. For each one before you run it, you can specify time periods, users or schemes depending on the information that you want it to generate.

Turnover - This financial report details the completed treatments, charges and sundries for the practice over a specified period of time.

Dentist Hygienist Breakdown - The report lists all the payments made by each dentist between two specified dates. As well as a summary, the report can also show more detailed information about each financial transaction, for example the patients name, date of payment and the value of the payment.

Payments Received - This financial report details the value of payments received over a specified period of time.

Treatment Value - This financial report details the value of treatments completed by scheme type for patient types over a specified period of time.

Payment Allocation Detail - This report shows the details of all the financial transactions that have been allocated to each provider and the clinic between two specified dates. For each provider the report lists the patients name, their ususal dentist, the payment reference nunber, the amount and the method of payment. This is broken down by the scheme type the transaction was allocated to.

Payment Allocation For Treatment, Sundries And Charges - This financial report details the allocations made for treatments, sundries and charges. The report can be run for one provider or all providers at the practice between two specified dates.

If none of the above help please let me know as there are other reports and also custom reports which you can create to meet all manner of reporting requirements.

Kind Regards


Canine III

Re: Financial

Hi Jon

Thnaks for this.

Very helpful