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Finding future appointments of a certain type


I am trying to find future appointments of a certain type to be able to contact these patients in advance.

Unfortunately, using the Query Wizard etc, I can only seem to be able to search for appointments in the past.

Am I not seeing the correct query?


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi @kayj139,

Many thanks for your post.

1- Load the patient selector section of R4+
2- Query Wizard > New Query > Start > Next
3- Tick "that have had an appointment..." and select Next
4- Tick "after" and press specify criteria. If you have an exact date in mind then enter this, if you want anything after today then tick option 2 and leave all 0's and click OK.
5- Tick "for" and press specify criteria. In the value section find the treatment type you wish. You can altenatively tick ask which will allow you to change each time.

This will then show you anyone who has an appointment after the date you have selected.



Fab!! Thank you

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