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Canine III

Full Payments Summary Report


Wonder if anyone can help.

We recently had the 'Payment Allocation System' added to our package. I have contacted helpdesk about this, but, they couldn't seem to find a way to do it, wonder if anyone using it knows a way. I have looked at every report currently there with no success, nearest is the Allocation one, but, I get different totals from both......   

When on the 'old' financial system, at the end of a period, I could do a full summary report between two dates to let me know how much was paid and it was broken down as - 

Amounts paid by - 

Cash, Chq, CC, DC etc  

Anyone any idea how this can be done from the new financial platform  

Thank you! 






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Morning @hillclock,

Many thanks for your post.

Each financial report is looking for something different so wont match up everywhere. The payment allocation system is how you work out what dentist is owed what money.

We recommend that for general day to day finances you run the "General Financial" report, this report is the same one as the old system that shows you both money taken and charges applied. Again this may not always match up as a patient may not pay on the day for the treatment. With the General Financial report you can also run this weekly/monthly or a custom period if required.

To then calculate how much you owe your dentist run the "Payment Allocation Detail" report. This report will calculate the payments taken assigned to the dentist based on the work they have completed in the treatment tab, there is potential for minus figures to show on this where money is re-allocation.

I hope this helps.



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