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Canine III


I have noticed a few questions on here about the upcoming new regulations, but, there has been no reply to date. Can you advise if there will be an additional screen added for the patient to sign or will it just be another box to tick to say the patient has agreed etc etc - OR - will no amendments be made on R4 at all  

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Canine II

Mr Hancock,

I too am interested on whether or not there will be an additional screen for patients to "opt in"


Canine III

Hi Dianne,

We have posted some information relating to the new regulations here...

Kind regards


I asked a question on the exchange previously about deleting data reply - It states on this that data can be deleted - how ??

Also, will there be changes to R4 with regards to the many questions asked on the exchange about tick boxes etc

?Question asked by Dianne Stephen