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Canine II

Generate a report

Good morning

I would like to generate a report for all the patients we have prescribed antibiotics for in the last 6 months. Please advise.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

If you have entered in a code when you have issued antibiotics. If you have not used a code there would be no way a report can be created.

If you have a code you need to create a query using the below steps

1- Go to patients selector
2- Query Wizard
3- New Query
4- Start > Next
5- Scroll down in the Select Criteria section until you find the question "who have had a [treatment code] Tick and press "Specify Criteria"
6- In the "Ask" section tick the box and this will ask you for the treatment code each time you run. Press Next
7- You can then from the next window include some further details including only from a certain date. Add this if you feel you want.
8- Select Finished and save with a name