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Canine II

How Do I Copy Codes Into A New Scheme?

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I want to create a new scheme using the existing codes but for them all to have 15% off the price. How can I do this please?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: How Do I Copy Codes Into A New Scheme?

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To create a new scheme using existing codes, close R4 and log in to R4 Clinical Administration form the programmes list, only an administrator or super user can do this. Add a scheme, giving it a type and description, a letter and abbreviation. Then click on Codes, select the current scheme you want to copy across, and select copy all codes, then from the drop down menu select your new scheme and they will be copied into there, to adjust the fees , ensure that your new scheme appears in the "Current Patient Group" Field, you can then select increase prices form the right hand panel, choose to increase or decrease, by % and a from effective date.

This new scheme will only apply to  a treatment course opened from the effective date.