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Canine II

How to create a query that shows the number of multiple treatment codes for all clinicians ?

How to create a query/report that shows the number of ordered treatment codes from all clinicians within a specific period of time ? 

I would here to be able to select multiple treatment codes with different statuses, completed and active together. 

e.g. How many Ceph, Pan, 3D, CT were taken from x/x/xxxx to x/x/xxx 

I was able to create a query but it didn't had the exact information needed. 

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Dear Ali,

Thank you for your question

If it is numbers of treatment codes in a specific time period that you need, have you tried the CS R4 Management Reports? In here you can enter the time period, the treatment codes and run a report which gives you the totals for those codes in the specified period. The instructions below show you how to access and run the report.

1. From the Main Menu screen of R4 click on [Utilities] - [Management Reports].

2. At the top of the Management Reports screen set the 'Type' to Treatments.

3. You can leave the boxes ticked under the heading 'Include' if you want all dentists, all clinics, all schemes, alternatively you can untick any of these and make a selection to drill down.

4. Set your date range in the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' boxes.

5. Then enter the treatment codes that you would like to search for in the boxes under the heading 'DPB' codes.

6. Click on the [Run Report] button.

7. An Excel spreadsheet will open with the information displayed.

Hope the above helps you.

Kind Regards

Jon Barton