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Canine II

How to create a query that shows the time taken by doctor In surgery


I need a report that shows the time taken by a doctor In surgery.

I mean the time between In surgery and Left surgery as in report.

I know it can be seen in Appointment list but they need a Report of doctors taking time in surgery for patients.


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Canine II

Re: How to create a query that shows the time taken by doctor In surgery

Can anyone of you please help me with it... ????

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Canine III

Re: How to create a query that shows the time taken by doctor In surgery

Hello Mohammed,

Sorry for the delay, below you can find the instructions for creating this report. I have assumed that you will run it for singular days, if this is incorrect and you wish to do it between 2 dates then let me know and we can adjust it

  1. Go to the main screen of R4 & click on 'Reports'
  2. Click on 'New Report' at the bottom of the window & then click 'Start' on the next window
  3. You should have the 'Select Query' window up now. Click on the button with the '...' in it
  4. Click 'New Query' on the right
  5. Click 'Start', then click 'Appointments' & click 'Next' in the bottom right
  6. Click on the box next to 'that have certain [attributes] so that it has a tick within it
  7. Click the 'Specify Attributes' button which should now be in the middle of the window
  8. On the left hand side, double click on 'Date' (It is important you only add 'Date' & not 'Date and Time')
  9. It should now be in the criteria box on the right, click on the box in the 'Ask' column & press 'OK' in the window that pops up
  10. Press 'OK' again & then click 'Finish'
  11. Click 'Save As New' and name it 'Appts on date'
  12. Your query should then appear at the bottom of the list. Click on it and click 'Select' in the top right
  13. Click 'Next' & then click 'Report Layout' on the next window
  14. Within the yellow box, click on 'Click here to edit report properties'
  15. Go through and add the following fields, you can add them by double clicking on them
    • PatientCode
    • Surgery Time
    • In Surgery
    • Left Surgery
    • Treatment Provider
  16. They should all now be in a list at the bottom of the screen. Tick the box for 'Total' under 'Surgery Time' & tick 'Grouped' under 'Treatment Provider'. It should end up looking like this:
  17. Click 'OK' in the bottom right & then click 'Finish'
  18. Click 'Save As New' & give it a name you will remember

When you run the report now, you will choose a day. It will then display each appointments Surgery Time aswell as a total for each provider. If there's anything you wish for me to change, then let me know