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Canine II

In case of emergency contact number

Hi it has come to our attention while doing an audit that there is no where in patients personal record on r4 to enter ICE number, there is a place for mobile, e mail, work and fax number and it would make sense to have all numbers in 1 place.Is it possible to get rid of the wording fax and replace with ICE as people don't tend to use fax numbers anymore.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: In case of emergency contact number


Although the use of fax numbers has declined, there are currently no plans to remove/rename this option at the present time.  If you feel that the ability to record an ICE number would be useful then please add this to the suggestion under the Product Ideas section which can be found under the Practice Management drop-down menu on the main page.

In the meantime if you want to record an ICE number for a patient, there are two ways that it can be done.

The first option is to create a new marker called ICE and then when it is added to a patient's record you can use the 'Specify Additional Patient Marker Information' to record one or more numbers.

The second option would be to create a User Field where you could record the number.  The User Field could also be combined with the 'Customisable Tab Management' feature to add an ICE tab to your patient record.

I have attached some 'How To' guides on User Fields and Customisable Tabs for your information.