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Canine II

Insurance Claim Form Receipts

We have asked on so many occasions over many previous years to make printing a detailed itemised receipt for patients to send to insurers much easier.


Currently we have to create an Excel Spreadsheet - scale it down to fit on a single page - then delete the history of payments on the account - move the required payments up - then PRINT.


Surely it is possible to click on payment history - click or tick the necessary payments for the treatment being claimed and press print??


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create something like that.!!!! Being a fully  Private Practice, we need these all the time and  it is so frustrating.


Thank you.


Rosebank Dental Practice




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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Insurance Claim Form Receipts

Thank you for your suggestion, Please can you log this idea on the product ideas page.

Here other users are able to up-vote your idea and they have a better chance of becoming features in future releases, as i know the development team keep a close eye on that page.

Thank you

Kind regards

Liam Rushton

Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
Canine III

Re: Insurance Claim Form Receipts

We have exactly same problem. Invoices produced by R4 are useless, unless it is on a day and the only treatment patient receives. We have been manually amending them and saving in the same folder, for future references. Still far from perfect.

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