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Canine II

International Invoicing

Hello, can someone please help me to convert the invoicing to international? Our treatment plans are showing the international charting (numbers rather than letters) but the invoice only shows letters. I have already tried to go into settings and document manager but can not find anywhere to change it.

Your help would be greatly appreciated


Thank you very much, Katharina

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Hi @katharina-walte,

Many thanks for your post.

I have amended my R4 to use international convention and printed an invoice and it was showing the international convention.

Please can you check the option is enabled below.

Main Menu > Edit > Settings > Users Tab

Towards the bottom you will see an option called "Treatment Entry Tab Tooth Numbering Convention" can you ensure International is selected, if this isn't please tick and select apply and OK.

If that is already selected, please can you confirm you are printing the invoice from the financial tab of the patient?