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Canine II

It would be very useful if documents from the comms section in the r4 system could be directly attached to emails

The practice would find it extremely useful if documents saved in the comms section of the R4 patient system, could directly be attached to emails and a record of same be recorded on the patients records.

Examples of attachments would include treatment plans, invoices and referrals to other professionals.

This is a system update that would greatly assist in maintaining patient records contemporaneously.

Canine II

With other software I would email referrals with x-rays and photos as an attachment (and it all got saved to comms). The fact R4 does not have crucial features like this is making me want to move away from it.
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Hi @edcoppen and @fionarooney1,

Unfortunately this isn't available currently in the R4 system as you are aware and the images would have to be saved to the PC then e-mailed outside of R4.

If you could raise this on our product ideas section of The Exchange by going to the the link:



Just added it. Sadly not hopeful as this hasn't been actioned since it was raised back in 2017.

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