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Canine II

More Issues since R4 update

The notifications on the patient banner are too small, icons like open course of treatment and £ are not as obvious now.

Black and white icons are very poor compared to the previous ones which were much more user friendly.

The colour coded outline on the patient banner  is now just just a thin outline the previous banner which was completely coloured in was far better and easier to ID patient scheme.

The new banner is huge but not much info in it which is why we are questioning the size of the notications? Why can't they be made larger?

The only plus form the update is the instant text message on booking appointments.

Sorry to sound negative but hoping this is constructive and explains the issues we have encountered since the update.

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Re: More Issues since R4 update


This is the PracticeWorks software side of the forum.   Like with your other post, i'll move this one to the R4 side of the forum. Please post there when posting about the R4 software.  

Here is a link to it just in case - R4+

To get to that forum through the navigation, hover your mouse over the Practice Management dropdown at the top of the page and then choose R4+ from the options listed.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
Premolar I

Re: More Issues since R4 update

Totally agree!
Can we go back to the old screen please?