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NHS Claim Rejections (WALES codes 9320 & 9323)

As of 1st April 2021 a change was made by the BSA in regards to validation of the number of decayed permanent teeth (9320) and the number of decayed deciduous teeth (9323). If a claim includes the codes above it may be rejected with the reason “ACORN Assessment Carried Out but incomplete ACORN code set present for this patient”.

Unfortunately we were not advised of the change to software suppliers and therefore we were not able to amend our R4 program before the 1st April. This means an error message will appear on the claim responses.

We have been in communication with the BSA and they have reversed their decision and reverted back to the format before 1st April. This change was due to be made the morning of the 21st April.

If you have a claim with the rejection above it should be a simply case of resending the claim to the BSA now that the system has been reverted back.

This is something that we will be implementing in a future release of the R4 system.



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