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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

NHS Updates

As of 21st March 2022 the BSA have not informed us of any fee changes, if this changes we will update this post and customers with the requirements.

It is vital to extend your NHS contract before 1st April 2022, we have enabled a tick box that will auto extend the contract come 1st April. If this hasn't been ticked please follow the steps below (I have also attached a PDF):

1) Click Edit > NHS Contracts
2) Select All Active Contracts
3) Click Search
4) Click to select the contract to be extended
5) Click Extend Contract
6) Make sure start date is the day after the current period & ideally the end date should be 31/03/xxxx (following year)
7) Tick the box to Add Members from Last Contract Period
8 ) Click OK
9) Double-click on the contract in the list.
10) Tick Auto-extend.
11) Click OK.
12) Log out of R4 and log back in to see the changes.