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New Clipboard Feature in R4+

Well looking at the new clipboard feature, I originally thought - What a good idea - BUT - it has the same problem as if you cut and paste an appointment in that you lose the previous appointment in the patient's appointment history.

We are having to cancel a dentist's afternoon appointment book today and having to move a family appointment I thought would be easier to place all 3 members into the clipboard.

Unfortunately, when moving them into their new appointments, the appointment I have just cancelled does not show in the patient's appointment list.  I know it is there, but you have to go looking for it in the new appointment?!!

We need to be able to see straight away that the previous appointment has been cancelled by us.

This is not very good - sorry.

Disappointed - Kay

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: New Clipboard Feature in R4+

Thank you for your comments, and sorry that you are not enjoying the new parking lot.
Please can i ask that you log the suggestion on the product ideas page of the Exchange (see below link) where fellow CS R4+ users can then vote on it.

Kind regards

Liam Rushton


Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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