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Online Backup

Carestream have sent me several e-mails in the last few months saying that my online backup was not working.

I reboot the Server as requested but the issue continues.

It works fine if I manually initiate it, but not automatically as it has done for many years.

Support have logged on and found nothing the matter.

I understand they have deleted the programme and reinstalled it but the issue continues.

We use the latest Sophos anti virus but our logs on central.sophos show nothing blocked.

I also use a hardware Firewall (Checkpoint) so against the advice of my online security consultant, I took this out over the four day bank holiday and low and behold, every backup went through fine.

Sunday evening, I reinstalled the Checkpoint Firewall, fully expecting the backup to fail again.

But, low and behold, online backup went through fine both Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings.

I am therefore at a loss to explain why my backup is failing, some of the time !

My Checkpoint security consultant has asked me for the IP address of the Online Backup Server to facilitate his searching of the logs to ascertain if the Firewall has played any part in this.

If it is not possible to send me this here, could someone call me or email me privately with this ?

I fully understand his request because I get a daily and a monthly report from Checkpoint and most days something like 350 potential hacks are blocked by the Firewall !

I was shocked at first but then he explained that most of these are automated bots and only very few are serious.

Nevertheless, I would prefer not to have a ransom attack and to have a reliable backup as well !

An IP address would greatly facilitate a search off the extensive logs.

Many Thanks,

Edward Byrne,





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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi Edward,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I would be happy to help investigate this further so I will give you a call shortly to discuss the matter.

Kind regards,


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