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Canine II

PA Status

Could you please confirm what the PA status acronyms stand for in the drop down menu please? 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: PA Status

Hi, the PA status acronyms relate to the messages that are issued by the Board, apart from ERR which is used when an internal error is identified or the transmission timeouts.

The full list is as follows:

AAR - Attachments Appended to case awaiting review
APP - Approved
ARE - Awaiting Receipt of Physical Evidence
EAR - Physical Evidence attached Awaiting Review
ERR - Error
IAR - Supporting Information Appended Awaiting Review
RAC - Request for Approval Closed
RAD - Request for Approval Declined
RAI - Request for Additional Information
REA - Submission Returned Resubmit Attachment
RNR - Submission Returned Prior Approval Not Required
RVE - Returned due to Errors
VAA - Validated Awaiting Attachment
VAR - Validated Awaiting Review
NHS - PA Requests undertaken via NHS Portal