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Canine II

Patient bridges


Is there a dedicated board or contact for getting help with patient bridges? I've watched all the video tutorials and am semi familiar with how to set things up, but when I've got issues how to I report these/get them looked at?

- Prior to patient bridges, R4 would send out reminders via SMS and email, and patients were able to reply OK if they were attending the appointment, an email was received which allowed us to open and import the confirmed patients, this would then turn the patient's green so we knew they were coming.  Since we now have patient bridges, this is sending out the reminders rather than from R4, we are no longer getting the emails or green marks next to patients that confirm they are attending - is there a way of getting this back as it's really handy to see who has confirmed and who hasn't

- We have noticed a few patients forms are being received back twice - I am assuming this is down to patient error i.e they are clicking submit multiple times rather than an issue being with patient bridges?


- is it possible at some time in the future as it evolves that when a patient is contacted via patient bridges for example a request to complete a google review is sent, that it appears in the patient's comms tab under a sent item, so we know we have sent them an email via patient bridges? With outlook we send emails and import them under sent items so we have a history on their comms tab of communications sent via email


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi @sspendloff,

Many thanks for your post.

Patient Bridge is supported by the helpdesk on 0330 094 8194.

Please call the helpdesk when you get a moment to do so and we can run through any issues you are having.



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