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Canine II

Previous dentist diary history

Please can someone help! We have transferred a dentist's diary to a new dentist and lost all history for the previous dentist. We specifically need to see her diary up until the day she left. Is it possible to display this information?

All future appointments have displayed correctly in the new dentist's diary


Many thanks

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Previous dentist diary history

Hi @stjohns30,

Many thanks for your post.

When you delete a dentist it should only amend appointments in the future however you are unable to report on the dentist anymore.

I would recommend that you reinstate the user whilst you are wanting the reporting information.

1- From the main menu of R4 go to Users

2- Mid right will show an option for - Un-delete user

3- Find the dentist and press OK, this wont return any appointments.

4- Completely close R4 (log out and press cancel on the login screen) and log back in, the dentist should be back in the system.

The other thing you could try (if you just want to view the book in planner) would be to tick an option that shows deleted dentist

1- Go to planner

2- Select options and tick "show deleted dentist"

If neither work can you private message me your account number or postcode and the support team will contact you directly and investigate what has happened.



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