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R4+ NonClinical staff help please

I want to set up a member of staff who does not have access to any patient data. I have used the Non clinical staff user type and removed all the permissions possible but this still gives access to a great deal of patient information (including all appointments and medical history) via various options on the Utilities menu. I have contacted the R4 support staff who are unable to help - they suggested I post a message on this forum.I need this user to be able to install the R4 updates and send and receive messages. Any help gratefully received.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: R4+ NonClinical staff help please


Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately it is not possible to create a user that does not have some access to patient information, it sounds like you have already created the most basic user you can.

Feel free to log a Product Idea at the link below for being able to create a user that cannot access any patient information.

Kind Regards


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