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R4 charting

1) Bridge charting- when we plan a bridge for a patient where a tooth is already missing - the R4 system does not allow us to set up the bridge without removing the tooth that is already missing!!  Obviously this also creates a fee for treatment that does not need doing! The fee can be zero'd but the item still comes up on the patient treatment plan when it is printed / emailed to them creating confusion for the patient , embarrassment for the provider and ultimately the impression that the system is flawed.It does appear that the 'manufacturers and administrators' of the system  aren't sufficiently troubled by it to be able to explain why this happens or how this can be corrected. i have been told that this would require a system upgrade for years but to no avail as it never gets corrected.

2) BPE charting- the internationally recognised way of recording teeth and describing their position is starting top right followed by top left , lower left finishing at lower right - hence the international notation of 1 for ur quadrant (eg 12 for upper right lateral ) and 3 for ll quadrant (eg 36 for lower left 1st molar) - so why does the BPE charting follow upper right to upper left and then lower right to lower left - for anyone involved in training nurses and ensuring accurate charting this defies logic - i have again mentioned this on previous occasions and was told they can see it is a flaw and should be corrected in the next upgrade but never is!

i have been sent to this forum because the support team for which i pay a considerable sum each month are unable to explain despite seeing that both problems exist 

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Re: R4 charting

Good morning, 


Thank you for your post, one of our supervisors will be calling you this morning to go through this with you.

Could you please provide me with your Account number via an IM. 

Many Thanks


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