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How do I send out text messages to advise patients they are due a check up as not been for a certain amount of time?



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Hi @aichclarke,

Many thanks for your post.

Sending out recalls via SMS require a couple of things to be setup first, patients must have the preferred type as SMS. You can check this by following:

1- Patient Record
2- Comms
3- Preferred type top right - You can amend with the 3 dots

Please note we are able to bulk change patients to SMS if they have a mobile number. You would need to contact the helpdesk and send an email to us with confirmation that you want the change to be made.

Secondly you would to have an SMS template setup, to confirm/setup please complete the following:

1- Doc Manager
2- Standard Letter Templates
3- Plus next to adult templates
4- Check tick in SMS available - If ticked then all setup
5- If unticked, highlight adult recall letter
6- Tick use SMS Template
7- Select New SMS Doc
8- Write out the template - Keep below 155 characters. Select OK
9- Repeat for every recall you wish to send, you can use the same template for all.

Please note I have attached the PDF as well on how to create a recall SMS.

Once you have the preferred type and template setup you can send the recalls via SMS the same way as recall letters, the system will then work out who needs to get the SMS based on the preferred type. I have attached a guide on how to send recalls.

If there is anything else please let me know.



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