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Canine III

Report Query - How do I search for a certain type of appointment

Hi, can you tell me how I get R4 to report on how many 'New Patient' appts were completed for a dentist in a specified period.


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Canine III

Re: Report Query - How do I search for a certain type of appointment

Good Afternoon Denise,

For these instructions I'm assuming 'New Patient' is an appointment type that you use within R4. If this is incorrect then please reply and let me know!

In order to create the report, do the following:

  1. Go to the Main Menu of R4 & click on Reports
  2. At the bottom, click on 'New Report' (If this is greyed out then make sure you are logged in as an admin)
  3. On the window that pops up, click on 'Start'
  4. You should now have a window with a box in the middle labelled 'Query'. Click on the button, to the right, with the 3 dots (...)
  5. Click 'New Query' & then click 'Start'
  6. Double click on 'Appointments'
  7. Click on the white box to the left of 'that have certain [attributes]' & then click on the 'Specify Attributes' button that should've just appeared in the middle of the window
  8. On the left, double click on 'Treatment'. This should put it in the right hand section of the screen.
  9. There should be a column labelled 'Value', if you click on the box below this a small button should appear that shows a drop down menu. In this menu, select 'New Patient'
  10. We will now be setting the date period. On the left again double click on 'Date'. Do this twice to create two 'Date' rows on the right
  11. In the 'Operator' column, change one of the rows to 'is later than or equal to' & change the other to 'is earlier than or equal to'
  12. In the row where you have set 'is later than or equal to' click on where it says 'No Date Specified', a button should appear with 3 dots (...) in it, click on this button.
  13. In the window that appears set the starting date for your time period & click OK, there should now be a date in that row.
  14. Repeat steps 12 & 13 for the row with 'is earlier than or equal to', making sure you set this as the end date
  15. Now we will add the dentist that completed the treatment. On the left click on 'Treatment Provider'
  16. Again, it should place this on the right. Now under the 'Value' column for this row, select the dentist you want to run the report for.
  17. Click OK & you should be taken back to the same screen as Step 7.
  18. Click on the white box to the left of 'That have been completed', this should place a tick next to it
  19. Click 'Finish' & then click 'Save as New' and give it a name you will remember
  20. Now click on the query you just created & click 'Select' in the top right
  21. Click 'Next' & then click 'Report Layout'
  22. Inside the yellow box click on where it says 'Click here to edit report properties'
  23. In this window double click on the information you want to return (eg. Date and Time)
  24. On the right there will be a drop down for 'Report Contents', click on this drop down & set to 'Detail And Summary'
  25. Click 'OK' & then click 'Finish'
  26. Click 'Save as New' and give it a name that you will remember
  27. Run your report & it will give you a list of all the appointments & at the bottom will have a total

If you have any other issues feel free to respond and I will try my best to answer!

Kind Regards,