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Canine III


Is there a way of generating a report to tell me how many patients dentist x has referred to hygienist a. Also can I generate a report telling me how many minutes each hygienist has spent on a particular dentist's patients. I would like to be able to specify start and finish dates for these reports.



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Reports

Good Morning

I have not been able to make a report for time, however have you tried running the Dentist Hygienist Breakdown report?

The report lists all the payments made by a patient for work completed by a hygienist for each dentist between two specified dates. As well as a Summary the report can also show more detailed information about each financial transaction, for example, the patients name, date of payment and the value of the payment.

To run this, from the main menu of R4, select Financial, then select Dentist Hygienist Breakdown and select run.


Kind regards

Liam Rushton

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