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Canine II

Run a report with specific treatment code

Could i get help on how to run a report on patients who had a specific treatment code, provider, date from and amount paid .

We use R4 +


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Good Afternoon

To do this you need to create a report, as follows,

1.In Report Manager select a folder and lick 'New Report' and then 'Start'

2.In this window click the ellipsis to create a query

3.Create the query as follows:

     1.Click on New Query, select 'Start' then 'Next'.

     2.Select the entity type ‘Treatment Plan Items’ then click ‘Next’

     3.Tick ‘That have certain[attributes]’ and click ‘Specify Attributes’

     4.Add the fields ‘Date’, ‘Scheme’ and ‘Code’ to the ‘Criteria’ window.

     5.In the ‘Value’ column type in the date from which you want the query to run, the code number and scheme of the treatment item you are trying to find.

     6.Click ‘Finish’, ‘Save as new’ and type in a title for this query.

4.Select this query and click 'Next'

5.Click on 'Report Layout'

6.Select the information you require by clicking on 'click here to edit report properties' (in blue).

7.Double click on 'Date', 'Code', Description', ‘Treatment Provider’' and ‘Patient Cost’

8.Click 'OK' then 'Finish' and save the report.

I hope this gives you the information you require

Kind regards