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SNOMED codes

The requirement for treatment codes to be updated to include snomed codes should really be don by the software provider as an automatic update.

Providing a seperate manual for the user to manually update it make you question what subscription fees are covering. This is a requirement by NHS and an internationally standardised system being used.

Just some thoughts for developers...
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Re: SNOMED codes

Thank you for your post.

There are currently over 400 NHS treatment codes listed in R4 and each user has the ability to edit any of these codes or add new codes. This makes it difficult to apply an automatic update linking SNOMED codes to the NHS treatment codes without overwriting changes that users have made to their list of treatment codes.

In addition, for a lot of the treatment codes there are multiple SNOMED codes that could be assigned covering different diagnostic and clinical reasons to explain or justify the treatment so it is not a straight forward case of associating one treatment code with one SNOMED code.

The date for implementing SNOMED codes in dental practices has been delayed until 1st August 2021. Discussions will be taking place between the UK Dental Software Suppliers Association, the BDA and the relevant NHS bodies to discuss what is required. Once this has been finalised we will be able to determine the best way of implementing this within R4.