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SQL Express 2014

Hello: We recently upgraded to R4+ 8.1.15 which is fine.

Along the way, I saw on the downloads page an "upgrade" to SQL Express 2014.  We still have 2008, which I understand is no longer supported.

The server is hosted on a Windows 10 workstation.

Is straight forward to run this upgrade?  I could not find any relavent documentation, I wondered what the impact was and whether we need to be concerned about anything (aside from an obvious prior backup, etc.)

Thank you.

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Good Morning @tavi1,

Many thanks for your post.

The upgrade is very straightforward and runs itself, you do need to have everything logged out of R4+.

Steps below on how to upgrade

1- Download the Upgrade to SQL from the Software Download portal -
2- Log everyone out of R4+
3- Complete a DB backup (Same as v8.1.15 upgrade)
4- Run UpgradeToMSSQL2014.exe and it will run through itself
5- Follow on screen instructions

If you have any issues throughout running please contact the helpdesk on 0330 094 8194.



Hello, thank you.  Attempted to run this today.  The installer gets to "SQL Server 2014 Express"...installing...but then the installer disappears.  it doesn't appear that any upgrade or changes have been made.  Still on SQL 2008.  How to proceed? 🤔

sql2014 thd upg.jpg

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Good Morning,

It would be best if you were to contact the helpdesk on 0330 094 8194.

Kind Regards,

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