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Canine II

Scanning Notes

We have decided to archive a small number written notes onto the relevant patient's notes.

1. Could you suggest an ideal workflow for this (ie where to scan them and how).

     FYI I have tested the cards in our existing scanner and they seem to scan fairly easily 

2. Our plan was to scan the notes in 'Comms' but is there a way of pinning/prioritisng the scan so it goes         top of a list and can be located easily in a long list of already scanned documents

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Scanning Notes

Good Morning

The only place to scan documents to a patients record is the comms tab. 
Simply click on the Scan button and follow the on screen prompts.
My only suggestion is to check the file format you are scanning in, by clicking Scan Settings.

PDF will allow you to scan multiple pages as a single document (if your scanner is a duplex scanner),  but is a much larger file format.

JPG is very small file format but will be one page at a time. 

As for pinning documents inside comms, this is not currently possible inside the R4 Practice management system
If you think this would be a good idea for the development team to add in the future, please make a post on the ideas page:



Kind Regards
Liam Rushton
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