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Canine II

Streamlining the patient recall list

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In order to make the monthly recall process more efficient, can you please add filters to the recall spread sheet to identify patients with mobile numbers and those without mobiles. This will shorten the admin time in checking the recall list for patients that can be called by sending sms messages and those that require letters.  

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Streamlining the patient recall list

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Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your request. It is possible to filter through your recall list for mobile or email by using a query.

When searching for patients that are due for a recall simply include a query that will display pt's with a mobile number. Please see attached on how to create a mobile Query.

Please Note, the list generated wont display the mobile numbers just a list of patients that have a mobile phone number, which must be entered into the work/Tel/Email Field in their personal record.

If I can be any further assistance please get back in touch.